Today, property of the Foundation Saint Louis chaired by Monseigneur le Comte de Paris, the Royal Castle of Amboise tells us two thousand years of history. During the centuries of the Antiquity in the Middle Ages, the wooded and stoned fortifications are built on the rock of Amboise between the Loire, on the Northern slope, and the river called Amasse, in the South. Attacked by Counts of Anjou and Counts of Blois since Xth century, Touraine is invested by King Philippe Auguste into 1214. The family of Amboise is vassal of king de France. In 1431, Louis d’Amboise is condemned to died for plot against the favourite of Charles VII, Tremouille. The traitor is saved but its castle returns to the Crown. Valois and Bourbons will honour Amboise with their presence untill the Revolution. Louise-Marie-Adelaide de Bourbon-Penthievre transmits the prestigious residence to her son Louis-Philippe in 1821. The castle remains thus in the heritage of the House of France.

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